Delta-8 THC Shatter

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  • Strain: Birthday Cake
  • Net Weight: 1 Gram
  • Source: 100% Hemp-Derived
  • Potency: Testing at 74.14% ∆8
  • ∆9 THC Content: Less than 0.3%
  • Psychoactive: Yes

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Therapeutic Benefits

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Lab Tested & Certified

Delta-8 Shatter:
Potency and Purity at Their Best

Our Delta-8 shatter is a fan favorite amongst avid smokers for its balance of cannabinoids. It is also a great choice for the not so experienced Delta-8 users who want to enjoy a product that is potent and pure.

What Is Delta-8 Shatter?

Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis or hemp concentrates. It can be produced through different extraction methods such as using butane or CO2, which is the one we use at Vitality CBD. It is known as shatter, due to its glass-like texture: it can easily break or shatter into smaller pieces. Due to its high levels of Delta-8 concentration, it only takes a very small amount of Delta-8 Shatter to get a pleasant buzz.
Delta-8 shatter on a white table.

How to Use Delta-8 Shatter

Those who have never tried Delta-8 shatter before may be unsure about how to consume it because of its glassy texture. There are several methods by which you can consume Delta-8 shatter and each of them will depend upon individual preference:

Woman vaping Delta-8 shatter with a dab pen.

Vaporizer or Dab Pen

This is the perfect option for those who don’t want to have a harsh feeling in the lungs when smoking. A dab pen or concentrate vaporizer is designed specifically for vaping high-quality hemp extracts. You can select the temperature of your preference and your shatter will be ready to be vaped. Using this method (and depending on the temperature you select) you’ll get the most pleasant experience in relation to potency and flavor.
Hand holding a Delta-8 joint.

Pipe, Bong, and Joints

You can also mix your Delta-8 shatter and mix it with flower to smoke it with a pipe, a bong, or a joint. Just mix a little bit with your Delta-8 flower and you’ll be ready to go.
Woman holding a dab rig used to consume Delta-8 shatter.

Dab Rig

This is a device that uses a glass or quartz nail to heat up the shatter. Once it has reached an optimal temperature, you will be able to inhale the smoke. If this is your preferred method, we recommend using a dab rig with a quartz nail, as quartz is able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures.

Why Delta-8 Shatter from Vitality CBD?

At Vitality CBD, we have a rigorous process to ensure our customers get the highest quality products. Our Delta-8 shatter, as well as our other Delta-8 products, is 100% derived from hemp and is tested by a third-party lab. This way, you can be sure that you are consuming a product that is entirely derived from hemp and does not have any additional ingredients.
Venn diagram in which CBD is in the middle of wellness, relief, and happiness

Benefits of Delta-8 Shatter

Our customers have reported that Delta-8 shatter offers the same benefits as other Delta-8 products: it helps them sleep better, reduce anxiety, increase libido, and manage pain, among others. Also, for those who only take it for recreational purposes, Delta-8 shatter provides them with a mellow and relaxed experience, without the side effects that Delta-9 has such as anxiety and paranoia. Delta-8 shatter is also a versatile product as it can be consumed in different ways according to individual preference.   

Another quality of Delta-8 shatter that is worth mentioning is that you only need a small amount to have a nice experience due to its high concentration of Delta-8 THC.

Woman holding a joint with Delta-8 flower mixed with shatter.

Additional Information


Store your Delta-8 shatter in a dry place at room temperature away from direct sunlight as it can negatively impact its quality. Generally, we do not recommend refrigerating it, unless you are planning to keep it for a long time and/or live in a place with extremely hot weather.

Available Potency Level

1 Gram at 74% ∆8-THC content

Delta-8 THC Shatter Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol oil

Inactive Ingredient: None

Shipping Weight &

Weight: 2 oz (actual product content is 1 gram)

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 in

Man smiling calmly
Hemp leaves where CBD oil is extracted from
Woman walking around a hemp crop
Man exhaling smoke after vaping Delta-8.

Customer Reviewed

"This stuff was great, I don’t like regular shatter, because it’s too hard-hitting, but this stuff hits just right. "
"This product is always worked very nice. I have used this over past delta 8 products and it seems the quality of this product is higher than others! I will be buying for sure in the future!"

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