CBD Salve | Chronic Pain

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Full-Spectrum CBD Salve
A Unique Blend of Five Organic Ingredients:

  • 100% Organic CBD
  • Non-Psychoactive (THC Under 0.1% by Volume)
  • Infused with Eucalyptus
  • Available in Two Strength Levels
  • Full-Spectrum Topical Salve
  • Grown & Made in the USA
  • Packed & Distributed in Buffalo NY


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Full-Spectrum CBD Salve

Organic Eucalyptus-Infused Topical CBD Salve

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Natural Ingredients

Edible CBD oils and infused supplements can take hours to start working. Full-spectrum CBD salves begin working almost as immediately as they absorb through your skin. This salve contains a blend of five different all-natural ingredients. Those ingredients include organic grapeseed oil, organic beeswax, organic CBD oil, organic MCT oil, and organic eucalyptus essential oil.

Product Availability

We offer this product directly from this page or you can find it within multiple stores across the country – Including most major cities in Western New York like Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and others. You can visit dozens of different licensed distributors of Vitality CBD products like Headspace or Green Planet Grocery. Check out our store locator by clicking here.

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Vitality CBD of Buffalo | Organic CBD Salve Product Details 3

Product Uses

To apply our Full-Spectrum CBD Salves, open container, and with you hands, apply a generous amount to the areas you hope to effect. We generally recommend you massage the salves into your skin. Our CBD salves are for external topical use only. Never apply CBD salves to open wounds or sores. Though highly unlikely, please discontinue use if you observe any adverse skin reactions.

Full Spectrum

All Vitality CBD Salves are Full-Spectrum and extracted through a Super Critical CO₂ process. Instead of single-molecule extracts, our CBD infused salves use the whole plant properties. Both our 500 mg and 1000 mg CBD Salves use Organic CBD Oil containing a wide array of cannabinoids instead of just CBD alone. This is believed to create a potentiating effect that makes the overall potency of our products greater.
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Sustainably Made

We audit the farming practices of all our product suppliers to ensure we distribute only the most natural and organic CBD products available on the market today. We only work with partners who embrace sustainable farming and water conservation. Our Full Spectrum CBD Salve comes in domestically sourced packaging that uses water-soluble inks and SFI certified paper. Our partners use 100% wind energy to minimize our operations carbon footprint.

Purity Tested

All the CBD oils used to infuse our CBD Salves undergo rigorous third-party testing leading testing agencies like ProVerde labs. Our lab reports verify the purity and potency of our CBD oils and show them to be free of harmful particulates. All the CBD used in our Salve products are certified Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Organic. We use only extraction and bottling facilities that have earned the GMP seal.

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Legal Disclaimers

Our CBD Salve is NOT Dietary or Nutritional Supplement. Those designations are reserved for products you ingest. Each salve contains less than 0.1% THC by volume, one third the legal limit defined by the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018. Every jar is manufactured for Vitality CBD, Inc. of Buffalo, NY, USA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or medical conditions and have not been evaluated by the FDA. For a full set of legal notices and disclaimers, click here.

Customer Reviewed

I chose Vitality CBD because I wanted to try some edible oil. I am so happy I did because the shipping was fast and the product is high quality. Barely has any taste and has just the effects I was looking for.
My dog huck suffers from epilepsy. He was have 3-4 seizures every other weekend. Now since I started this product he only has 2-3 seizures a month, it has helped a lot and he also doesn’t mind the taste
I have used CBD oils from four companies. If you want the widest spectrum extraction available, Vitality CBD is it. Using supercritical CO2 extraction keeps users from being exposed to undesirable solvents, and lets the chemists fine tune the extraction. While I could not use this oil due to... drug testing, I did try one dose and it was very relaxing.I have also tried other supercritical CO2 extractions which delivered narrower spectrum, but preferable for my needs (less terpenes and THC) but if you want a pure, broad spectrum oil, this is the stuff. I would only consider alcohol extraction or supercritical CO2.Let me tell you one thing, cannabis oil, like vitamin b12, should be placed under the tongue and left there, swallowing it and absorbing it through the gut is a waste of money. Sublingual (under the tongue) dosing offers blood levels similar to injection of many drugs (like nitroglycerin for a heart condition) and keeps you out of the way of big pharma.read more
I started using Vitality CBD oil a few weeks ago to hopefully reduce my daily anxiety and it has helped so much. It arrived very quickly and they also were very helpful in answering any questions I had about the product. I’m already ordering more! Would highly recommend their products!
I was looking for a good cbd oil for my pet who has seizures and was willing to try anything. I called and left my name and number. The owner got right back to me and mentioned how they make all organic products and they would send me a sample. The sample came in and I have been giving it to my dog... for the past few days and I can see a huge difference. My fiancé started taking it for her health issues and it has also helped with her pain and flair ups. All I can say is this is a great product and if you are not sure about cbd oil this is a great place to try it. Thank you to the owner for answering all my questions and the sample I will be ordering more.read more
Originally gave 2 stars because when I went to the business it was closed down, empty. The owner contacted me and said they are reopening soon.(technical difficulties) went out of his way and dropped off free samples of CBD at my home for my inconvenience. That’s good customer service.
I was given a free sample of the 250 MG and it was better than thought since I've been using a 500 MG of another brand! I didn't get a "high" from it but felt really relaxed. It's really comparable maybe even better than the other 3 brands I've tried. I can't wait to see this place open when I come... back to Buffalo!read more
Spoke with a very kind and knowledgeable representative on the phone about cbd products and as a result I feel much more informed on the product. I could not possibly be more satisfied with the way I was treated during this interaction. Friendly and knowledgeable, 5 stars all the way. Cant wait to... try the oilread more
Some of the most potent CBD extract I have tried thus far. Great product, making you feel relaxed and conquered some anxiety issues I have been dealing with for quite some time. 5 star product and it even has the USDA organic stamp on it. Pet friendly as well ??.
Just received this product a few days ago and I love it. It has helped my Colitis pain so I can actually get out of bed and do stuff. I’ve been using the 1000mg full spectrum tincture - cheaply priced for the quality. It has a very pleasant smell and taste. Highly recommended!
Love having this nearby in Buffalo. The owner takes pride in the work and it shows. Customer service is great. I was a little skeptical but I’ve been using it before bed to help me wind down after work. Pleasantly surprised by the positive effects! I will definitely be back.
Living in Buffalo NY is sometimes full of heartache and brutal tender swelling, but a little exercise and a good attitude can go a really long way. I've found that good CBD oil can help take the edge off of negative thought modes and redirect me towards a calm and centered positive outlook. Thank... God for the miraculous healing properties of all natural herbs like this one. The Vitality brand is clean and potent, and is certainly deserving of celebration. I would encourage anyone in the area to take advantage of this much needed soothing liquid. Thanks very much for the sample and good luck!! I will be a returning customer!!read more
True to their name, I feel restored and balanced. Never having tried CBD oil I was generously given a free sample. I didn’t know what to expect and figured that it’s beneficial quality would take awhile to notice. I was pleasantly surprised that upon initial dosage I already began to feel calmer... and some of my ankle problems stemming from a fracture alleviated. I will continue to use this product and would highly recommend it.Also, it actually tastes good.read more
I got a sample and it was great. I used to get migraines like every other week and now I just use a little bit when I feel a headache coming on and it relax a little and I feel so much better after. Helps me not waste a day due to a pounding head!
They graciously gave me a free sample and I was more than satisfied with the product. It immensely helps with my anxiety and migraines. My mom also got a sample and uses it daily for her diabetes and says it works great for keeping her glucose levels balanced. The owner is also very knowledgeable... and incredibly helpful, I highly recommend Vitality CBD.read more
I love this product!! It has helped me feel better throughout the day and to sleep better at night. The owner himself personally delivered me a sample. And since then I've purchased more for a very reasonable price! Personally I think it's the best on the market compared to everything I've tried.
One of the best tasting CBD tinctures I have tried. Also I use it for my pain management and it has had great results for me. It was by chance I met one of the employees on a hike who gave me a couple samples. I can’t wait till this hits the markets.
I was able to try this for the first time a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier that i finally did. I’ve been able to relax after a stressful day and my ability to go to not only go to sleep, but also have a relaxed slumber, has never been better.Vitality CBD has reclaimed the ability to... balance out my 12-hour work days with some serene enjoyment.read more

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