improving quality of sleep with CBD

Improve Your Quality of Sleep with CBD

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One of the reasons why Vitality was created was to provide a natural and healthy alternative to the pharmaceutical industry.  Of the many benefits that CBD offers, we believe that improving sleep is one of the most important.  To better …

how CBD helps relieve anxiety

How CBD Helps Relieve Anxiety 

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Anxiety is the mind and body’s response to stressful or dangerous situations.  Although anxiety can help us stay aware in unfamiliar situations, many people deal with anxiety disorders in their everyday life, which can result in an overwhelming worry in …

the benefits of CBD

Benefits and Potential Side Effects of CBD

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In the last few years, CBD oil has been becoming more and more popular, and people of all ages use it for several purposes. This “new” popularity is more like a resurgence since CBD has been used for thousands of …

Facts You Need to Know about Delta 8 Shatter

Facts You Need to Know about Delta 8 Shatter

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Many consumers nowadays look for legal alternatives to cannabis for a range of purposes. For example, CBD products have become exceptionally popular over the past few years, especially as they allow users to consume cannabinoids without getting high. However, those …

How CBD Salves Can Help Ease Chronic Pain

How CBD Salves Can Help Ease Chronic Pain

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If you’re looking for cannabinoid-based products that won’t get you high, then CBD products are perfect for you. CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive compound that can be used in various ways for a vast range of purposes. While some …

Will Delta-8 THC Make You Fail a Drug Test

Will Delta-8 THC Make You Fail a Drug Test?

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Delta-8 THC products are arguably the most exciting option out there right now for those who want to consume cannabinoids safely and legally. These products are derived from hemp and, as such, can legally be used across the United States. …