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We know it's not always simple to make an informed purchasing decision in today's online marketplace. When it comes to CBD products, it can be even harder. With new companies introducing new CBD products every other day, it can be difficult to filter out the cream of the crop from the bottom of the barrel. That's typically where customer reviews come into the equation.

At Vitality CBD, we understand customer reviews and testimonials are sacred things. Our amazing customers have helped make your choice a bit clearer. Their feedback demonstrates they enjoyed our products, and it shows they took time out of their personal lives to share their satisfaction with others.

The CBD Oil, CBD Salve, and Delta-8 products reviews left by our customers add transparency to an opaque industry. Our goal is to share real reviews from verified buyers to help you make a great purchase. Check out how our products have helped our customers and find out how they could help you.

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Flower Friendly Customer Review Vitality CBD Oil
"I’ve have been using Vitality CBD to bring down the natural stresses that have been brought on by this quarantine and the general state of the world right now."

- Flower June 2020

Vitality CBD Oil Review - Tim Ruins
"I’ve tried many different brands of CBD, but with Vitality CBD I definitely notice a huge difference. I take a full dropper of 500 mg oil every morning and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the day."

- Tim April 2020

"As a tattoo artist I spend hours at a time standing and leaning over, putting stresses on my body. I love a quick massage with Vitality CBD Salves, it really helps."

- Nikki June 2020

"I find my job pretty stressful and have like... this relaxation routine I do prior to heading out for work. Vitality CBD oils are now a part my morning routine! Highly recommend!"

- Jules December 2019

"Our dog is a bit of a handful on long road trips. Ever since we started using Vitality CBD Oils for Pets, our road trips have become so much more peaceful! Thank you!"

- Tucker October 2019

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