CBD and Alcohol: Should They Be Consumed Together or Separately?

CBD & Alcohol: Should They Be Consumed Together or Separately?

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As more and more people are turning to CBD as a natural supplement, there’s an increasing curiosity regarding it as well. If you follow our blog, you know that we often discuss the benefits of different hemp-derived products, but we’re also not afraid to venture into less-researched topics that may affect a person’s experience. As CBD enthusiasts, we understand how important it is to be informed about the products you use and how they can affect your wellness routine.

We’re also aware that there’s little research concerning CBD and alcohol, and that’s exactly why it should be discussed. So, can you enjoy a beer with your CBD, or should you consume them separately? Though the answer may not be straightforward, let’s take a look at the possible effects of mixing these two things.

What Happens When You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

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Unfortunately, researchers do not know yet how CBD affects alcohol and vice versa. Since research on the topic is very limited, there is really only speculation as of now. What we do know is that CBD and alcohol have similar side effects, leading many to believe that consuming both at the same time can amplify each other’s effects. This could result in symptoms such as increased sleepiness or drowsiness, and potentially change a person’s mood and behavior. As stated in Forbes, “Combining CBD and alcohol could also potentially increase the effects of the alcohol, causing the person to feel drunk or impaired faster.” 

On the other hand, some believe that CBD can actually protect against some of alcohol’s side effects. As stated in this report by the American Psychological Association:

While a number of studies have explored the influence of cannabis or Δ 9- THC on alcohol consumption and treatment outcomes, few have examined the effects of CBD on alcohol-related outcomes. This article reviews preclinical and human studies examining the effects of CBD administration on alcohol responses. Preliminary preclinical results suggest that CBD can attenuate alcohol consumption and potentially protect against certain harmful effects of alcohol, such as liver and brain damage.

While more research is required to confirm what was said above, preliminary studies such as these are paving the way for more research to be carried out in the coming years.

We should note, though, that while scientific knowledge is limited on the topic, there are certain factors that will likely affect a person’s experience while under the influence of both CBD and alcohol.

What Factors Could Affect a Person’s Experience with CBD & Alcohol?

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Even as more research is done, there’s one thing for sure: each person will have a different experience depending on the product and their own habits. For example, a person who consumes CBD isolate and one glass of wine may have different side effects than a person who consumes full-spectrum CBD and drinks multiple alcoholic beverages. Let’s take a look at the possible factors at play.

  1. Type of CBD you consume: There are various types of CBD with different ingredients: 
    – CBD isolate: only contains pure CBD
    – Broad-spectrum: has all the compounds of the hemp plant minus THC
    Full-spectrum: has every compound of the hemp plant including THC

    The type of CBD that a person consumes can influence the side effects that they have when combined with alcohol. Why? Because the psychoactive effects of THC may provoke other side effects when combined with alcohol.

  2. How much alcohol you drink: As mentioned in the example, the amount of alcohol you consume will make a clear difference in side effects. As more research is done, we should better understand how the quantity of alcohol plays a role.

  3. How much CBD you consume and what method you use to consume it: This is another variable worth considering. For instance, since CBD salves don’t enter the bloodstream, they should not interact with alcohol. On the other hand, if you orally consume a high dose of full-spectrum CBD oil, then the effects may be amplified.

How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can You Drink Alcohol?

There is no official answer as the effects are still being studied. As a general guideline, you should give CBD enough time to leave your system to avoid negative side effects. This means you should wait at least 4 hours, though you may need to wait longer depending on your dosage and tolerance.

Final Thoughts

There is not sufficient research yet on CBD and alcohol for us to truly understand how these two substances can affect our bodies when consumed together. And since each person reacts differently to alcohol and CBD, there are many variables that need to be considered. That’s why it’s recommended to consume these two products separately until more research is done. And if you do decide to take them together, you should do so with caution. Be aware of your dosage, your surroundings, and don’t operate any machinery or vehicles.At Vitality, we’re always interested in learning about new discoveries regarding hemp-derived products. As more research is done on CBD and alcohol, as well as other interesting topics, we’ll be publishing up-to-date information on our blog.