Does CBD Help with Tooth Pain?

Does CBD Help with Tooth Pain? 

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Yearly, roughly 15 million productive days slip away due to toothaches, a fact that comes with no surprise. The incapacitating nature of tooth pain makes it tough to focus, complete daily activities, and even enjoy a meal. 

Common pain medications often accompany unwanted and possibly dangerous side effects, which increase the risk of suffering more health problems. 

But no need to worry, as a recently released article titled “Cannabidiol as an Alternative Analgesic for Acute Dental Pain” looks into the potential of CBD as a remedy for tooth pain. Keep reading to learn more about toothache types, their causes, and how CBD could possibly help us treat it.

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Types of Tooth Pain

Did you know that there are different types of tooth pain? Each one indicates its cause and the treatment you should follow.

Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity usually shows up as a quick, sharp pain when you eat or drink something hot, cold, sweet, or acidic. It feels like a sudden, stabbing pain or a mild, throbbing ache.

Sharp Pain: When a tooth gets infected, it can bring on sharp and strong pain, often feeling like shooting or piercing sensations. This pain can spread from the troubled tooth to other parts of your face and jaw.

Throbbing Pain: When you have throbbing tooth pain, it feels like a constant, rhythmic pulsing that can go from a dull ache to really, really bad. It usually comes from a deep tooth infection. This kind of pain tends to get worse slowly and might make the area around the tooth swell up and feel sensitive when touched.

Chronic Pain: When you grind your teeth (called bruxism), it can cause long-lasting pain like a dull ache in your jaw or give you headaches when you wake up. Grinding puts constant pressure on your teeth, leading to jaw pain, soreness in your facial muscles, and headaches that stick around all day.

CBD vs. Traditional Pain Killers for Tooth Pain

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Treating tooth pain often begins with common over-the-counter remedies like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which help reduce both swelling and discomfort. 

Also, dentists may prescribe stronger painkillers, such as opioid analgesics after dental surgery, despite their potential for negative side effects and dependency.

The misuse of opioids has raised concerns, especially in dentistry, where they’re often prescribed for emergency or post-procedure pain. To address this issue, the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine conducted a study on using cannabidiol (CBD) as an alternative for acute dental pain. 

With alarming statistics showing high opioid prescription rates after dental procedures and emergency visits, there’s a clear need for non-opioid options in managing dental pain.

How Can CBD Help with Tooth Pain? Here’s What Science Says

The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine study conducted at UT Health School of Dentistry in San Antonio, Texas, involved sixty-one adult patients aged 18 to 75 with moderate to severe tooth pain. The participants were divided into three groups: CBD10 (CBD 10mg/kg), CBD20 (CBD 20mg/kg), and Placebo.

The results indicated that both CBD10 and CBD20 groups experienced significant pain relief compared to their baseline measurements. CBD10 showed significant pain relief starting at 30 minutes after administration, while CBD20 showed relief at just 15 minutes, with pain decreasing by 50% within 120 minutes for CBD10 and 60 minutes for CBD20. Comparatively, the placebo group did not show such significant pain reduction.

Additionally, the study noted improvements in bite force among participants in the CBD10 and CBD20 groups, showing an increase from baseline to the 90-minute and 180-minute marks. There were no notable changes in bite force observed within the placebo group.

This study is a breakthrough, showing that Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved CBD compound, could effectively manage acute tooth pain. Although Epidiolex has been made more accessible for prescriptions in the US, it’s important to note that it’s not officially approved for dental pain, despite these positive results.

What’s The Best CBD Product for Tooth Pain?

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When it comes to easing tooth pain, choosing the right CBD product is essential. CBD oil, recognized for its swift action, is a great option. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil can be a good choice if you want to avoid over-the-counter medications and enjoy the potential benefits of the hemp plant.

The Takeaway

Tooth pain affects millions annually, disrupting daily life, leading to discomfort, and making everyday life unnecessarily difficult. Conventional painkillers can bring side effects, raising health risks and even addiction. However, research exploring CBD as a potential toothache remedy offers hope for safer alternatives.

While these initial findings are promising, further large-scale studies are crucial to solidify CBD’s role in managing tooth pain. The study’s outcomes open a door of hope, suggesting that CBD might offer a safer alternative for alleviating acute dental discomfort. Yet, to fully comprehend its effectiveness and ensure safe usage, extensive research on CBD’s potential in dental pain management remains essential.