The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp’s Many Use

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The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp is by far one of the most versatile plants existing on earth today. For millennia, the human race utilized the various parts of the hemp plant for an amazingly diverse applications. The list is quite extensive.

For starters, hemp makes for a good food source and dietary supplement. Thus, the rapid expansion of the CBD industry as a whole since the passage of the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018.

But if we're being honest, the legalization of industrial hemp was less about making CBD oils and salves, and more about hemp's hundreds of other applications. You can use hemp  to make textiles, paper, fabric, fuel oil, and more.

Renewable Energy

The technologies that exist today have led to a massive expansion of additional uses for the hemp plant. It is now possible to create alternatives for gasoline, plastic, and other petroleum byproducts. With the help of the hemp plant, the human race can reduce its  reliance on costly and environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

The hemp plant is being grown domestically, and is a fast growing, highly renewable energy source. Hemp has a natural resistance to diseases, requires little weeding, and can endure most climates worldwide. Instead of depleting the soil it grows in, it actually  enriches it.

Food and Nutrition

The seeds and oil from hemp are high in nutrition and taste quite good. Hemp seeds provide an excellent source of fiber, protein, and minerals. Hemp is unique among plants in that it contains all essential fatty acids and amino acids the human body requires.

These essential nutrients have various effects on bodily functions, including a persons metabolism, skin, hair, nails, mood, behavior, the brain, and the heart.

Body Care

Because hemp possesses beneficial oils and natural emollient properties in spades, it's rapidly becoming an ingredient in skin care, hair care, and other cosmetic products. Hemp is a great alternative to the various toxic chemicals that exist in most petroleum based body care products.

Paper Products

The hemp plant makes for ideal paper making materials. As we mentioned earlier, hemp regenerates quickly. Unlike trees, that take years to grow to maturity, hemp fields mature in a matter of months. Utilizing hemp for paper will save millions of acres of our world's forests.

Fabric, Textiles, and Rope

A great deal of fabrics can be made with hemp. While it is similar to cotton in that regard, its considerably more durable. Hemp also makes excellent carpets, canvases, and other textile goods. The word canvas was actually derived from the Latin word for hemp if you can believe it!

During the seafaring age, hemp was commonly utilized in rope making as a result of its flexibility, strength, and water damage resistance. At one point, hemp was vital navies, shipping trades, and fishing operations because of its use in the making of ropes, rigging, nets, and sails.

Alternative Fuels

For more years than archaeologists have been able to agree upon, hemp oil was used as lamp oil. What they can agree on, is that hemp oil saw it's decline in America around the 1870's when petroleum became a dominant fuel source.

In the modern world, we can create bio-fuels to replace diesel gasoline. And, unlike fossil fuels, bio-fuels are renewable and produce less greenhouse gases.

Plastic Alternatives

They make plastics today primarily from fossil fuels in a process involving a multitude of harmful toxic chemicals. Stores wrap almost everything we buy in some type of plastic - even our groceries. Inundating our landfills and oceans with it all. Yet they could be making various plastic alternatives from hemp.

Building Materials

Hemp can replace wood and other materials used to build homes and other structures including foundations, walls, shingles, paneling, pipes, and paint.

The modern hemp building materials, Hempcrete and Isochanvre, are lightweight, waterproof, fireproof, self-insulating, and resistant to pests.

Other Uses

Hemp has far more uses than we could possibly list or detail. Far more than even mentioned in our infographic. We urge our readers to learn more about hemp and support its development and return as a major crop in here in the United States. Check out Wikipedia while you're at it!