CBD for Pets

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CBD for Pets

What you need to know

Many people consider CBD effective for various uses in humans. Those same people have expressed interest and concern regarding the implications of CBD use for pets. Before you try giving your pet the same CBD oils you are using for yourself, there are a few things to consider.

As experts in CBD and Hemp extracts, Vitality CBD has put together this quick article to make sure you make the best choices possible relating to CBD and your household pets.

That said, we are obligated to state that we are not medical or veterinary professionals. We  will always advise you conduct your own independent research. None of our statements have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Things to Consider

#1 Check the Ingredients

Pets are not humans.

The same foods that you consume are not always safe for pets. So, first things first, check the ingredients list of any CBD product you hope to give to your pet. We at Vitality CBD use only Organic CBD Oil and Organic Coconut Oil in our pet oils. Both of these are safe for people and pets.

While those ingredients are regarded as safe for pets, there are reservations to consider with even those two simple substances. Too much of either ingredient is not good for pets, just like too much of any one thing isn't good for people. PetMD wrote a great article about coconut oil uses for dogs - check it out

When it comes to competitive products be aware of any infusions within their products. Many companies utilize extracts from fruits and herbs that aren't safe for pets - especially dogs. For that reason, we generally advise that no matter who you order from, make sure to order pet specific formulations. Human versions can have  additives that are unsafe for pets.

#2 Go certified organic

People are getting more and more concerned with what they put into their own bodies. Similarly, they are caring just as much about the diets of their household pets. We all want to live long and happy lives, and want our pets by our sides for as long as possible. The more natural the food and dietary products you give your pets, the healthier they will be. Merely stating "all-natural" or "organic" isn't enough.

Organic products carry the USDA organic seal and are certified by third-party organizations licensed by the USDA. Vitality CBD Organic CBD Oil for Pets is certified organic by Eco-Cert.

Certified Organic CBD Oil for Pets

#3 Watch for THC toxicity

The Pet Poison Helpline published an article about marijuana toxicity in pets, as did countless other pet oriented medical websites. THC is not good for pets, no matter what the movies and TV shows you may watch suggest. High THC levels can make your pet very sick, and even lead to their death.

Vitality CBD only uses CBD extracted from low-THC, high-CBD industrial hemp as made federally legal by the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018. Our THC levels will always be below 0.3% by volume, usually, much lower. As long as our CBD Oil for pets is used following the instructions on our packaging, THC toxicity should never be an issue.

Never give a pet any CBD Oil that made from non-industrial hemp sources. And never use a CBD oil for people that contains high THC levels (should you be in a state where recreational or medical marijuana are in fact legal).

What risks are there when giving my pets CBD?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) generally prevents veterinarians from discussing the use of CBD with pets at this time. There are numerous independent studies regarding the risks and benefits of CBD use in both humans and pets going on today.

Acknowledging that, the AVMA still put out a document to advise vets about how to treat marijuana related sickness in pets. Just like people, animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Unlike us, they may have more cannabinoid receptors than humans. This can make them more susceptible to the effects of cannabis products.

Most often, the negative side effects vets observe are similar to what occurs in humans:

  • Dry mouth: CBD can decrease saliva production. Make sure to leave out plenty of fresh clean water to drink for your pet prior to giving them CBD for the first time.
  • Lowered blood pressure: Drops in BO may lead to your dizziness and general disorientation. Never give your pet CBD in unfamiliar or potentially unsafe environments. Not until you're certain of how they react to it. If they already have low BP, don't use CBD products on them in the first place.
  • Drowsiness: The calming effects of CBD may cause to drowsiness and lethargy. Sometimes that's exactly the effect you're looking for if your going on a long car ride or other stress/panic inducing event.

What are the benefits of giving my pets CBD oil?

The FDA does not allow for speculation about the benefits of CBD use in people, and that banned speech also applies to the benefits of CBD use in pets.

CBD should not be given to pets or people that are pregnant or nursing. And you should always seek a licensed veterinarians advice before giving any supplemental and dietary products to your pets. For a full FDA disclaimer read our legal notices.

All that said, there are a number of studies going on worldwide that are seeking to prove the benefits of CBD use in both pets and people. The infographic below illustrates the top ten potential benefits being studied across the world.

We urge you to conduct your own independent research and draw your own conclusions. Consult friends, family, coworkers, and medical professionals that have tried CBD products with their pets. Basically, try to make the most informed decision possible.

CBD for Pets Top Research Topics

How do I give my pet CBD?

Serving sizes are not highly scientific. They should be. But unfortunately, they are not. At Vitality CBD, we follow an averaged the set of standard recommendations gathered from various competitors. That said, CBD use is always a extremely unique experience. Not all people, and not all pets, will react the same way.

While we generally recommend up to 6 drops for every ten pounds your pet weighs, we always advise you start slowly and in small doses. Give your pet half the recommended amount and see how they react. Want to be extra careful (which we ALWAYS advise)? Give them a third of the recommended dosage and see how it goes.

CBD Oils are easy to test as you can measure dosage drop by drop, and regulate the dosage accordingly. 

Mix it with food

Adding a few drops over you dry or wet pet food will do the trick. You can mix it in, sprinkle it on top, whatever you feel like doing. Likewise, you can mix it into peanut butter or cream cheese if you have a finicky eater on your hands and no allergies in the home to nuts or diary.

Final Thoughts

CBD may be beneficial for use with your pets in the same exact ways it may be beneficial to people.

Always make sure you...

  • Consult a veterinary professional.
  • Keep a close eye on your pet when trying out CBD.
  • Are certain of your pets reaction before leaving them unsupervised.
  • Buy from Vitality CBD! Joking  ; )

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