Don’t Buy CBD or Hemp Products on Amazon

Don’t Buy CBD Products on Amazon

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Shopping for Hemp and CBD on Amazon

For many people, buying what they need from Amazon seems like the best thing to do. There are things that are good to buy here – such as books or your favorite electronics products. This is not the place to buy CBD or hemp products though. There are several good reasons why you do not want to use Amazon to purchase your products from especially when you want them to work.

Product Fraud Is Very Common – CBD on Amazon Is Not Authentic

Amazon does try to ensure customers know what they are buying and that they always have truthful sellers on the site. The problem is, there is a lot of fraud that happens. What’s worse, Amazon’s rules do not protect buyers from that product fraud. While the company has some of the strictest rules for selling products – even some that are tougher than federal law – there are still a lot of tricks and loopholes that people use to get their products on the site.

What Are You Really Buying?

The biggest problem with buying hemp or CBD products on Amazon is that it’s not actually legitimate to do so. Amazon does not allow the sale of any product labeled as CBD. It does allow products with the term hemp used on them or in the product description. This creates a bit of gray area.

Using this line of thinking, some less-than-desirable merchants will misrepresent their products as hemp products just to get them in front of customers. The problem is, you may think you are buying a quality hemp oil or CBD oil, but what you are actually getting is an inferior product. This could be fake CBD oil.

Know What You Are Getting

With similar but tricky names, many products can easily be sold as one thing even if they are the other. The CBD industry is continuing to grow, and that means there are new products and products that are not fully understood out there. It’s easy to confuse consumers.

First, know the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. To be clear, these products are not the same. Hemp seed oil is derived by pressing hemp seeds. These seeds offer a significant amount of omega fatty acids, which are good for overall health and cell function. Yet, hemp seeds do not have any CBD content in them. That’s because, when the hemp flower is pollinated, it no longer will produce cannabinoids including CBD. Instead, the flower’s growth process focuses all of its efforts on creating seeds.

Hemp seed oil does not contain any amount of CBD. If it is making any type of claim that it can do the same as CBD oil, that is not the case.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a component that comes from the cannabis plant. There are many benefits to using it. Some people benefit from improved anxiety or reduced pain. If you are buying a product labeled CBD oil, from a legitimate provider, you are not getting hemp seed oil or hemp oil.

Keep in mind, you will also find fake hemp extracts and hemp extract on Amazon that’s inferior in quality.


Labels Are Not Always Accurate

As noted, any product that uses the word “CBD” in it cannot be placed on Amazon. The company works hard to remove these products from its lineup. Yet, it may mislead a consumer who does not know better through hemp seed oil. Merchants selling on Amazon may provide some of the proposed health benefits of CBD alongside marketing for hemp oil. Unfortunately, this is just a way to confuse you.

You also want to look at the dosage in the products you buy. Some of the products on Amazon will provide a specific number that looks like a dosage. It may say, for example, 3000 mgs. To some, that may sound like you are getting a lot of oil and components in a single dose. That’s not what is happening in many cases.

Rather, if you read the packaging closer, you may see that this is just the amount of hemp seed oil that is mixed into the product. Again, this is not a real hemp extract, and contains no CBD at all.

What to Do to Find High Quality Products

At Vitality CBD, we want you to know that we stand behind our products as being the highest quality possible. We do not sell on Amazon. One of the key reasons for that is because we sell high quality CBD products which are not allowed to be sold on the site due to the site’s terms and conditions. That means that, if you are thinking about buying CBD products, and you try to do so on Amazon, you are not going to get what you want and need.

That’s why we recommend not buying any type of product here and instead to buy from a reputable provider.

There are many reasons why you should not buy these products.

FDA Is Not Paying Attention

The FDA does not regulate CBD oil products. That means there is no one watching over the production of these products sold on Amazon and you do not know what’s really in them. Instead of buying those products, look for products that have been lab tested. More specifically, seek out those that have been lab-tested by a third party. That means the ingredients are well documented.

Organic Products Matter

Another concern when buying products on Amazon or some other retailer websites is the quality of what you are getting. Many people purchase CBD oil products because they know these are going to offer untold benefits. In one way or another, they are hoping to use these products to see some type of benefit.

You cannot do that if you are using a chemically manufactured product or one grown with pesticides. At Vitality CBD, we offer organic CBD products. They are exceptional in terms of quality and you can trust they are worth your purchase.

Brands You Can Trust

Another important step when buying these products is to find a brand you can truly trust. There are some that can offer this better than others. The products you find on Amazon may not be authentic brands – some products are just labeled with a new brand name even though what’s in them may be the same as numerous other dubious brands on the site. This is a very common concern for many people buying on Amazon. You don’t want to be in that position.

Look for a brand you can trust whenever you buy any type of CBD product. It is critically important to purchase products that are made of high quality ingredients, from a company with a large range of product options to provide to you. Do a bit of research to find out why one brand offers something better than another. Reputations matter.

At Vitality CBD, we provide the highest quality of CBD oil products available. We are a brand you can trust. We do not sell on Amazon because it is not allowable to the site’s terms. Remember, if Amazon does not have these products on their site, then you cannot buy products with them there. Anyone promising any of the benefits of CBD on the site is not being a trusted brand. Turn to us instead.

We will not mislead you or make promises that are not truly authentic, accurate, and backed up. And as always, we will never make false or illegal health claims.

About Vitality CBD™

Vitality CBD exists to provide a healthy and natural alternative to the pharmaceutical industry. We embrace charity, sustainability, quality, trustworthiness, and domestic sourcing as our core operational values. All our CBD products are grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled all in American owned and operated facilities. Vitality CBD products are certified Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. Take 20% off your first online order with code FT20 today!

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