CBD Dosing Guide for Dogs

Your Guide to CBD Dosage for Dogs

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If you’re like us, you want to give your pup the best life possible. And as you probably know, dogs can suffer from many similar conditions as humans: stress, anxiety, pain, and even issues with mobility. In our search to give our furry friends the best life possible, we’ve created a CBD product with them in mind: our organic CBD oil for dogs.

Yep, you heard that right. CBD’s beneficial properties aren’t only meant for humans. As a natural supplement, it can also be used to help your pup with the conditions mentioned above. It can be used as a daily supplement or just in certain instances where you think it’s necessary. For instance, has your dog ever gotten extremely stressed when they were home alone? Suffer from arthritis or just had heightened pain due to a procedure at the vet?

These are all situations where your dog could benefit from CBD. In fact, even dogs that are 100% healthy can take CBD, as it’s a natural supplement that works to improve their overall quality of life.

But before blindly giving your dog CBD, let’s take a look at how much CBD your dog should be consuming and how to know if you’ve achieved the proper dosage.

How Much CBD for Dogs

Dog looking at a bottle of CBD oil for pets.

Before we jump into our recommended dosage, it’s important to remember that every product is different. When you buy CBD for dogs, the first thing that you should do is read the label to better understand the best dosage for that specific product.

At Vitality, our general advice is to use six drops for every ten pounds your pet weighs. Below you can see our recommended CBD dosages for pets:

Chart of CBD oil for pets dosage according to weight.

These dosages were created based on an exorbitant amount of cross-referencing industry-wide to assemble a reliable guide. However, if you’re concerned about your dog’s dosage, you should contact your vet for further instructions. This is especially important if your pup is already taking medications.

Factors That Could Affect Dosage

And just as with humans, there are some factors that could affect their dosage. Aside from their weight, there are 2 main factors to consider:

Activity Level

Your dog’s activity level could affect their dosage, as active dogs typically have a higher metabolism. If your dog lives a very sedentary lifestyle, it may require a lower dosage than a dog of the same size that goes to the park every day.

Condition You’re Trying to Treat

This is a big factor to consider, as the dosage of CBD for a perfectly healthy dog will be quite different from a dog that’s suffering from a certain condition. Many people ask, how much CBD for dogs with anxiety? How much CBD for dogs with arthritis? Well, by now we know that every dog is different, which is why we suggest starting with the recommended dosage above and then slowly increasing it until you find the right amount. 

When considering the right dosage, you can also consider how severe their condition is. If they recently had surgery and have high levels of pain, their dosage may be higher right after the surgery. If they only have minor pain, then they may not need as high a dosage when compared to surgery.

How to Know If You Have the Right Dosage

Dog licking a dropper full of CBD oil.

While your dog may not be able to tell you verbally if the CBD is working for them, you can look for signs. If it’s working well, you may notice that they’re better at managing their pain; they may have improved mobility, more willingness to eat, and just an overall better mood.

If their dosage is too high, they may become fatigued or experience diarrhea. If this happens, lower their dosage immediately and watch how they react to the new dosage.

Remember that when it comes to dosage, there may be a little trial and error until you find the perfect amount for your pup. We suggest using our recommendation as a guide and adjusting as necessary. Remember that it’s always better to start off small and slowly increase their intake to prevent giving them too much.

How to Choose the Right CBD for Your Pup

And of course, you want to give your furry friend a high-quality product so they can have the best experience with their new wellness routine. Aside from having therapeutic effects, our products at Vitality are USDA-certified, 100% organic, and full-spectrum, meaning your pup can get the full benefits of the hemp plant.

When choosing the right product for your dog, remember to look for products with certificates proving their quality (ideally from a third party), as some products have harmful ingredients that could negatively affect your pup. At Vitality, we know how important it is that you feel comfortable with the products that you purchase. To give you more confidence in your purchase, all of our products have been certified by third-party labs