How to Vape Delta-8?

How to Vape Delta-8 

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One of the attractive characteristics of Delta-8 is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways. Of the 5 most common methods, the fast-acting effects and desirable flavors brought on by vaping have made it a popular choice among THC consumers. In contrast to some of the other methods, vaping allows the beneficial properties of Delta-8 to be absorbed into the bloodstream immediately after being inhaled by the user.  

Another undeniable benefit is that it’s easy and enjoyable. The only trick is knowing how to do it in order to receive the desired results. That’s why we’ve created this guide to answer any doubts regarding vaping and Delta-8.

How to Vape Delta-8

Since there are several Delta-8 products on the market, there are variations when it comes to how to vape them. While some methods are more popular than others, it’s up to personal preference to decide which vaping method to use. Here are the different methods available for Delta-8 consumers:


A Vitality CBD's Delta-8 cartridge for vaping

A cartridge is a small device that comes pre-filled with Delta-8 oil. When you press the power button on your vaping device, it heats the oil and turns it into a vapor that can be inhaled. A clear indication that it’s working is when the battery lights up and you feel the vapor entering into your lungs. The only real difference among cartridges is whether you use a disposable battery or a reusable one. While some cartridges come with a disposable battery, many THC consumers prefer to purchase a reusable one so they aren’t limited on what Delta-8 products they can choose from. When you attach the cartridge to a compatible battery, all you have to do is inhale with your lips around the mouthpiece.


Vitality CBD's Delta-8 shatter to vape

Shatter is another form of Delta-8 that’s known as being highly potent and semi-translucent. Similar to a cartridge, the substance is heated in order to turn into vapor. The difference is that it doesn’t come in the presentation of a cartridge, meaning you’ll need a vaporizer to successfully consume it. The vape pen is the most popular device, but a dabbing tool ( an elongated tool used to pick up shatter from the container) is also required.

When you open the chamber of your pen, you’ll notice a space for concentrate to be loaded. Using your dabbing tool, place the desired amount of shatter into the chamber. While you can close the chamber right away and start using your pen, some people like to hold down the button for a few seconds beforehand for a more potent hit.

Delta-8 Flower

Vitality CBD's Delta-8 flower to vape

Many don’t realize that the Delta-8 flower can be vaped, but it’s another great option. Similar to shatter, there are various vaporizers that can be used, with both the vape pen and dry herb vaporizer being prominent choices. 

The first thing you have to do is grind your Delta-8 flower and fill the bowl with the desired dosage. Then activate the heating mechanism just as you would do with shatter or a cartridge. It’s now ready to be used, but it’s worth mentioning that many users have reported that the vapor is thinner at the beginning. As you keep applying heat, the hits should become more potent.

Tips for Vaping Delta-8

No matter which presentation of Delta-8 you decide to vape, here are two tips that can improve your experience.

    1. Adjust the Temperature
      The temperature that your vaporizer is set to can make a noticeable difference in the quality of your vapor. While low-temperature settings are related to better flavor, a medium temperature is often desirable because it offers a balance between good flavor and a big vapor cloud; too high of a temperature could sacrifice the quality and flavor. You can adjust the temperature to determine which setting you prefer.
      Recommended temperatures to vape Delta-8
    2. Choose High-Quality Delta-8 Products
      Even if you perfect your vaping skills, your experience will only be as good as the products you’re using. In order to receive the optimal effects of Delta-8, you should purchase your products from a trustworthy source to ensure that they use high-quality extracts.

Delta-8 Products at Vitality

Delta-8 THC products are ideal for users who want a safe and effective way to consume cannabinoids. Whether your goal is to relax after a long day or use it daily as a natural supplement, Delta-8 offers many beneficial properties to the consumer. 

At Vitality, our goal is to offer THC consumers the best experience possible when it comes to Delta-8. That’s why we offer high-quality, lab-tested Delta-8 THC products in a variety of presentations. For the perfect Delta-8 experience, don’t be afraid to experiment with distinct methods of vaping, as mentioned in this article.