How Delta-8 Compares to Alternative Delta Products

How Delta-8 Compares to Alternative Delta Products

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At Vitality, we’re committed to providing a healthy and natural alternative to the pharmaceutical industry. This drives us to continually provide organic and high-quality products that can contribute to a person’s overall health. Through our research, we’ve found that full-spectrum products and delta-8 products offer the results that many consumers desire. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that an important part of the journey is truly understanding the products that you’re consuming.

Our blog discusses in-depth information on how to use full-spectrum and Delta-8 products and what benefits they present. Another important aspect to consider, though, is how one product compares to another. Since there are so many different variations of hemp-derived products, understanding the difference helps consumers recognize the “why” behind their selection.

Since we’ve previously discussed the difference between Delta-8 and CBD, we want to expand this knowledge by exploring how Delta-8 compares to alternative Delta products.

delta-8 vs delta-9 vs delta-10

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 is one of over 100 cannabinoids that are produced by the cannabis plant. Although it’s a naturally occurring compound, it’s found in small traces, meaning that it’s commonly made in a laboratory; this is performed by chemically converting CBD into Delta-8. Since cannabinoids have a similar chemical makeup, this process is fairly straightforward. You can read more about this process here.

Delta-8 has a similar molecular structure as Delta-9, but there’s a slight difference in how their atomic bonds are arranged. While both are psychoactive compounds, their difference in atomic bonds makes Delta-8 about half as potent as Delta-9. This is one of the factors that persuades many consumers to choose Delta-8, as it is less likely to cause some of the negative side effects that are associated with Delta-9, including anxiety and paranoia.

As stated in our previous article, the consumers who can benefit from the effects of this product include people who struggle to wind down emotionally, experience nausea, prefer a more powerful alternative than CBD, and show sensitivity to the THC levels in Delta-9. Some of the potential effects include: memory strength, stress relief, increase in appetite, feelings of euphoria, improved sleep, a “high” sensation, and a relaxed body and state of mind.

What Is Delta-9 THC?

Similar to Delta-8, Delta-9 is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, though it’s produced in larger quantities. As the primary psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, it is the most well-known THC that the plant produces. Delta-9 offers many benefits, including improved relaxation, decreased anxiety, feelings of euphoria, and its famous “high” sensation.

While its intense effects are appealing to some consumers, it’s also its main downfall. As mentioned, Delta-9 has double the potency as Delta-8. This means that consumers have a higher probability of experiencing negative side effects. So although this product can improve relaxation and decrease anxiety, as stated above, it can also have the opposite effect when taken in large quantities or in the event that it provokes an unpleasant reaction. The negative side effects that are associated with Delta-9 include anxiety, brain fog, decreased memory retention, and paranoia.

This doesn’t mean that every consumer will experience these side effects. As with any other product, every person will react differently to Delta-9. What we do know is that many THC consumers choose Delta-8 as an alternative because it offers similar benefits, without the negative side effects.

What Is Delta-10 THC?

Similar to Delta-8, Delta-10 is produced in such low quantities that it is commonly extracted from hemp-derived CBD. The variation in chemicals and reactions are what determines whether the end result is Delta-10 or its alternative. As with any form of THC, Delta-10 is a psychoactive compound that can produce a “high,” but the effects are less intense than Delta-9. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t usually provoke negative side effects, such as anxiety and paranoia. 

While studies on Delta-10 are limited, consumers claim that it produces feelings of euphoria, provokes creativity, and increases energy levels, which differs from the effects that other Delta products induce. As mentioned, Delta-10 is less potent than Delta-9, but it’s important to note that it has even milder effects than Delta-8. While this may be appealing to some, many users claim that the effects are too weak to enjoy.

Why Vitality Prefers Delta-8 THC

At Vitality, we truly believe in all of the benefits of the cannabis plant. While we encourage everyone to explore their options and find the right product that suits their needs, we believe that Delta-8 THC offers the most ideal experience. The reason being is it provides the perfect balance between the strong effects of Delta-9 and the mild effects of Delta-10.

Our Delta-8 THC products are high-quality and lab-tested, meaning you can feel confident in their effects. By offering a variety of Delta-8 products, every consumer can find the right product to suit their needs. You can either consume Delta-8 alone or use it alongside CBD to enhance your general wellness.