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Delta 8: Less Psychoactive, Big Benefits

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The legality of cannabis products is one of the hottest topics as of late. One of the reasons it's so big is due to the support that these products receive due to the numerous benefits they offer. Delta 8 THC is making a huge mark in the wellness industry - it is becoming the priority of every vape lower because of its many benefits. Delta 8 is so beneficial because it is known to possibly generate Acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter that has influence over: 

  • Cognition
  • Memory and Information Retention 
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Mental Acuity
  • Physical Arousal 

Who May Benefit from using Delta 8 THC? 

Both hemp and cannabis lovers can come together to enjoy the exclusive benefits of Delta 8. This compound delivers the best of everything that other cannabinoid products offer. The biggest enthusiasts of Delta 8 are those that: 

  • Struggle to wind down emotionally
  • Experience nausea
  • Prefer a more powerful natural alternative to CBD
  • Show sensitivity to Delta 9's high levels of THC 

Delta 8 THC is an advanced cannabinoid that has the potential to improve an individuals overall wellness. We have put together a few main reasons why Delta 8 can boost your experience with using a cannabinoid product. 

  1. Memory Strength 

        Delta 8 is a neuroprotectant. In one experiment, a dose of Delta 8 was given to mice for a certain period. In the end of the experiment, it was found that the amount raised the acetylcholine levels in their brain - helping to sustain learning and memory and overall mental well-being.  

    2. Stress Relief

         Delta 8 only generates half of the psychoactive effects of Delta 9. Meaning, Delta 8 is beneficial for those that experience anxiety with Delta 9. While Delta 8 is still psychoactive, many users have reported that is optimizes their quirks - no matter how much they use. Ensuring you stay intelligible and clear headed. Also making sure the person does not experience the typical "high" condition.

    3.  Appetite Stimulant and Nausea Suppressant

          Using Delta 8 THC can help stimulate your appetite and reduce nausea. Because of this, it has made Delta 8 effective when treating the nausea of cancer patients. In the experiment, children that were given the compound stopped vomiting and were able to not feel nauseas. 


The Takeaway 

Delta 8 shows many benefits and users are raving about their experience. Because of its popularity, the market is saturated with products claiming to be Delta 8 THC. It is important to do your research on the Delta 8 products you choose to consume. Ensure you are buying high quality products so you can fully experience the fabulous features of this compound. 

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