How to store store CBD oil?

How to Properly Store CBD Oil (& How to Choose Products That Last)

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If you’re one of the millions of people discovering CBD for the first time, you have a world of therapeutic benefits waiting for you. However, these benefits (and the products that make them possible) have a shelf life. As with any consumable product, CBD starts to lose its sought-after characteristics once it passes its limit.

CBD’s shelf life is typically between 1 and 2 years, but there are factors and habits that can affect its lifespan. Rather than letting your product expire without experiencing its true benefits, choosing longer-lasting products and learning how to keep them fresher for longer can give you the best bang for your buck.

Keep reading to learn the qualities of a long-lasting product, how to properly store CBD oil, and how to know if your product is expired.

How to Choose CBD Products That Last Longer

Bottle of Vitality CBD oil.

The exact shelf life of your product depends on many factors. By carefully selecting your CBD oil and knowing how to store it (we’ll get to this below), you can enjoy your favorite CBD products for longer.

The quality of your product plays a big role in the expected lifespan. Higher-quality products tend to last longer and also offer the consumer a better experience. The quality is determined by many factors, such as the hemp’s growing conditions and handling, but the added ingredients also make a huge difference.

In fact, every ingredient has its own shelf life, meaning every ingredient should be of top quality. Before purchasing a product, check the ingredients and only trust products with third-party certifications; with hemp-derived products, less is usually more. As stated on our purity certification, our organic CBD oil at Vitality only has 2 ingredients: organic CBD oil and organic coconut MCT oil.

CBD oil also lasts longer in dark-colored, airtight glass containers. This packaging helps protect your product from external conditions.

How to Properly Store CBD Oil

Even if you have high-quality CBD oil, you need to be cautious of the surrounding oxygen, light, and temperature. The tinted, airtight package will help guarantee this, but you can also assure its protection by following these tips:

  • Keep it away from the heat. Store it somewhere that remains at room temperature. This is typically between 60 and 70°F.
  • Prevent air exposure. Don’t be tempted to use your CBD oil and accidentally leave the container open for too long (this happens more than you’d think). Get in the habit of closing the container and storing it immediately after use. You should also make sure that the bottle is closed properly to keep air out.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Heat may be one of the biggest causes of deterioration, which is also why CBD oil containers should be tinted. To keep it protected, avoid leaving it near windows, stoves, and other potential sources of heat.
  • Don’t expose it to humidity. Make sure to store your CBD oil away from environments that are humid or very moist. While many people choose to store their CBD oil in their bathroom, the constant contact with humidity (thanks to showering) could accelerate its deterioration.

Signs Your CBD Is Expired

Open bottle of CBD oil with a full droper on top of it and a woman smelling it.

Noticeable changes in appearance, taste, and smell are clear warning signs that your CBD oil is expired. To better notice these changes, make sure to evaluate the condition of your product when you first open it.

These are the changes you may notice:

  • It starts to lose its natural earthy smell and has an unpleasant odor.
  • The oil becomes dark, thick, and murky.
    *It may become cloudy if it’s been in a colder environment. If it’s only temporarily cloudy due to a change in temperature, it may still be in good condition. If it doesn’t return to the right color and texture after placing it in a room-temperature environment, then it may be expired.
  • Unless flavored, CBD oil typically has an earthy and grassy taste. If you notice that the flavor changes to a sour or “off” taste, then it’s a good sign it’s past its shelf life.

Extend Your Product’s Shelf Life with Vitality

Bottle of Vitality CBD oil with the box it comes in in the background.

Extending your product’s shelf life is a mixture of habits and the quality of the product. At Vitality, our organic CBD oil is made with top-grade ingredients and properly packaged to keep the product protected (see our airtight and tinted container in the image above). Enjoy the benefits of your products longer with reliable, certified, and tested CBD oil from Vitality.