Top 6 Things to Look for When Shopping for CBD Products

Shopping for CBD Products

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Top 6 Things to Look for When Shopping for CBD Products

When hemp-derived CBD became legal in 2018, hundreds of brands jumped on the chance to produce and sell this popular product. Although this was great news for consumers, it also made it difficult to find the best products possible. Not all CBD brands are made equal, after all, demanding that you do your homework before making a purchase. To help you out, here’s a list of six important things to look for while shopping for CBD products in-person and online.

1 | Distinct Batch Numbers

To ensure you are getting a quality product, you have to look toward the brand for information about ingredients, lab results, and much more. As explained by Vitality CBD CEO Scott Mazza, “Only through the use of batch numbers, it is possible to clearly identify the product and match it to the lab results showing its potency levels and other key specs.” They can also use those numbers to pull any defective products from the shelves and notify their clients of a recall if ever needed.

2 | Detailed Ingredients Lists

Every CBD product, without exception, should have an easily accessible ingredients list. You deserve to know exactly what substances they used to make the tinctures, oil, and other products before putting them in your body. That way, you can avoid potentially harmful substances, and rest assured you are getting the highest quality products. Bonus points go-to brands that use domestically sourced industrial hemp and other key ingredients.

3 | Third-Party Testing

Although ingredients lists are vital, they are not the end of the story. You should also look for brands that provide detailed third-party testing results to back up their claims. As revealed during a study performed by the Journal of the American Medical Association, over ¼ of the 84 products they tested showed lower doses of active ingredients than listed by the brand. If you want to get your money’s worth, then verify the brand offers third-party test results and explore their findings before completing your purchase.

4 | Clear Dosage Guidelines

In addition to providing quality CBD oil, tinctures, and salves, the brand you choose should act as a trusted source of support, especially when it comes to dosage guidelines. You should be able to look to the brand to best understand how much to take per dose, which largely depends on the type of CBD you buy. According to Mazza, “Full-spectrum CBD requires a much lower dose than isolate varieties due to the entourage effect.” This effect allows the different cannabinoids in full-spectrum products to build upon the next, effectively decreasing the required dosage.

5 | Absence of Unproven Claims

No matter what, CBD brands should never make unproven claims about the benefits of their products. They should especially not claim that CBD has the power to cure any diseases. If the company is open to making those sorts of claims, they show their willingness to bend the rules, if not break them outright. With that, they put doubt on the accuracy of all their other assertions, including their ingredients lists and lab results. It's one thing to say your product may help with something (which we're still not supposed to do), and another to say it DOES help with something (which is completely 100% illegal).

This applies to more than product packaging. This also applies to blog articles, product descriptions, promotional materials, social media posts, and more. If a company is publishing articles about the health benefits of their products, it's just as bad.

6 | Flexible Purchase Options

When buying CBD topical salve, oil, and other products, the brand should offer you flexible purchase options that easily work into your day. Brands focused on optimizing the customer experience facilitate buying CBD online and in-store, depending on your needs. With either option, they should remain responsive to your questions and willing to resolve all concerns to provide the best purchase experience possible.

In Summary

If the CBD brand can manage to tick all these boxes, you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. If not, then keep looking around for a brand you can trust before spending your hard-earned money on their products. To skip the search, turn your attention to Vitality CBD where we make it our mission to provide quality products and an exceptional purchase experience both in-store and online.

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