What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

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Delta-8 provides a range of benefits and more tolerable psychoactive effects than alternative THC products. Acting as a sort of medium between Delta-9 and CBD, it’s become a popular choice among consumers. Though it was first found in the 1940s and fully synthetized in the 1960s, its full potential is just now being discovered by many people. This is in large part thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which indirectly legalized Delta-8 as long as it followed the required regulations.

The current Delta-8 craze has demonstrated just how interested consumers are in finding a healthy and natural supplement to improve their general wellness. This new interest, of course, comes with many questions – especially from first-time users. Among the recurring questions is whether Delta-8 smells like weed. Since this could be a deal breaker for some consumers, anyone interested in Delta-8 should know what it smells like and what factors could affect its scent.

What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

Delta-8 typically doesn’t have any smell when it’s in its purest form. However, there are a variety of Delta-8 products, all with different ingredients and presentations. While some don’t have a noticeable smell, others have a sweet aroma or an herbal weed-like scent. In other words, some products are more discreet than others. By knowing what to look for in a product, you can better determine what type of product to buy. This applies to people who want to avoid the herbal smell as well as those who are searching for it.

Delta-8 Products That Have a Discreet Smell

THC consumers who are concerned about consuming products with a strong aroma should opt for Delta-8 THC oil or gummies. Since both of these products can be taken orally or through sublingual administration, they offer a beneficial Delta-8 experience – without the smell. 

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Vaporizers are the second product worth mentioning, though they walk along the line of discreet and bold. If your goal is to avoid smelling like marijuana, then flavored Delta-8 cartridges can often do the trick. The added ingredients offer the user a sweet and sometimes fruity flavor, which is also reflected in the scent. The vaporizers that take a natural approach are the ones that have a more herbal smell, though not as strong as marijuana.

*At Vitality, we have two cartridge strains to choose from: Master Kush and Super Lemon. Master Kush is known for its pleasantly earthy and floral notes, while the Super Lemon has hints of a fruity, lemon zest flavor.

Delta-8 Products With a Strong Herbal Scent

The Delta-8 THC flower is a suitable choice for those who are chasing that herbal aroma. Its strong fragrance mimics the aroma of the traditional cannabis flower, yet offers a smoother high than other THC products. As mentioned, vaporizers may offer the same, but only when they are not combined with other flavors and fragrances.

*At Vitality, we hand select the highest quality CBG flower that you can find on the market and then infuse it with Delta-8 distillate oil. The CBG enhances the euphoric effects of THC, while still offering a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. When choosing which farms to source from, we always look for a beautiful bud structure, high terpene profile, trim job, and shine. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding what you want from your Delta-8 experience is key to choosing the right product. While not all Delta-8 products have a herbal scent, others do. If you’re interested in a discreet supplement, then edibles, oil, and some vaporizers may be the ideal option. For a natural, herbal scent, the Delta-8 flower is a more appropriate fit. No matter what form of Delta-8 you prefer, you can feel confident that it can act as a natural supplement in your everyday life.