The Vitality CBD Difference

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At Vitality CBD, we are passionate about providing safe and effective alternatives to provide our clients stress-free purchases. We couple nature and advanced technology to create and deliver top-quality CBD products. We proudly share the Vitality CBD Difference in this article. Read more…

Pets Feeling Blue?

Pets Feeling Blue?

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Figuring out why your pet is feeling under the weather can be difficult to accomplish. You just know something is wrong by looking at them, but accurately diagnosing what is wrong can be a massive challenge. This article lists a few of the most common reasons you’re observing your pets feeling blue. Read more…


Self-Care in Times of Change

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The topic of self-care is an important one. Self-care can be achieved in a myriad of ways, even on a limited budget. While spa days and travel aren’t options during this challenging time, Caravan Sonnet has some ideas on how to take care of yourself at home. Ways that will reduce stress levels and help you enjoy life at a slower pace. Read more…


CBD Product Labels

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How to Read CBD Product LabelsThe most confusing thing about choosing a CBD product might be decoding the labels. With little regulation in the still-new hemp industry, it can be hard to compare one product to another based on CBD product …

Where Should I Buy CBD | Vitality CBD Products

Where Should I Buy CBD?

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There are many places to buy CBD. Depending upon your state laws, you can choose a marijuana or hemp dispensary near to you. Likewise, some natural health stores, drug stores, and head shops carry them as well. The easiest option is to buy your CBD online. But no matter which option you choose, we urge you to be aware of the legitimacy and quality of the products you’re buying. Read more…

Why USDA Certified Hemp Matters

Why USDA Certified Hemp Matters

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Producing CBD products from USDA certified organic hemp on day one was the goal of our founder and CEO, Scott Mazza. He had a vision of shaking up the CBD industry. He not only wanted to be the first CBD producer to offer a product that wasn’t just organic – but was USDA certified organic. Read more…


What is Supercritical CO₂ Extraction?

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Supercritical carbon dioxide is a widely used extraction method in the hemp industry. It effectively purifies crude hemp plant material. In a supercritical state, CO2 allows the producer to remain in control of the extraction process and to isolate the specific cannabinoids we use in our products. Read more…

Buying CBD Oil Online During COVID-19

Buy CBD Online During COVID-19

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Trying to find a reliable and trustworthy organization to Buy CBD Online During the COVID-19 pandemic can add stress to an already stressful situation. With many retail stores closed, and even online businesses stuttered, it can be difficult to find the CBD you need to relax. Luckily, the web store at Vitality CBD open for business. Read more…