Traveling with CBD: Things to Know

Traveling with CBD: Things to Know

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Things to Know When Traveling with CBD

CBD oil, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is typically derived from hemp but sometimes extracted from marijuana plants. It is frequently used as a tincture for pain relief and other applications. While it is legal in the United States, the legal status of CBD oil varies internationally, and there are still important factors to consider while deciding about traveling with CBD in the USA. Consider the following information before you pack your favorite CBD oil product for a trip domestically or abroad.

1 | How was your CBD product made?

It is critical to know about how CBD is extracted and what type of CBD oil you have before traveling. Industrial hemp and its by-products, such as hemp-derived CBD oil, is legal for use in 48 states, excluding Idaho and Iowa. However, CBD derived from marijuana, with THC levels above 0.3%, remain a Schedule I Controlled Substance at a federal level in the United States. While some people prefer CBD oils with higher THC levels, and in many states marijuana is legal and therefore those higher THC contents in CBD oil are legal as well, this is not federally approved.

2 | Know the type of CBD product you're transporting

While CBD Oils and Topical salves are legal in the vast majority of the USA, not all CBD product types are allowed in every state. Specifically, most states passed laws that prevent CBD products from being an additive in food products. So if you're trying to transport a CBD smoothie, CBD lollipop, or CBD infused-yogurt, or some other crazy CBD product that companies invented, you may want to think twice.

3 | Know where you're going

Traveling with CBD internationally is another matter. Each country will have its own policy about CBD products, and you should thoroughly research the laws of any country you visit. For example, in the European Union, CBD products with less than 0.2% THC are legal, slightly less than the permissible level in the U.S. However, within the European Union, countries are able to loosen up their restrictions.

For example, Italy allows CBD oils of up to 0.6% THC. In addition to reviewing laws and restrictions when traveling with CBD internationally, always bring the original product packaging confirming the product's safety, ingredients, and THC levels. In the event that you get questioned by an official, this will be a helpful resource to prove the validity of your CBD product. Also make sure to consider CBD travel restrictions of any cruise lines, amusement parks, tourist sites, and other transportation methods you may be using during your travels.

And remember, if traveling domestically within the USA, don't take your CBD to Idaho or Iowa! They are in the process of restructuring their hemp laws, and temporarily put a ban on CBD.

Traveling with CBD

4 | Be ready to answer questions

While CBD oil derived from hemp is legal for U.S. travel without CBD travel restrictions, it's smart to be ready to answer questions. Passengers can pack their hemp-based CBD oil in their checked baggage or carry-on, as long as it is 3.4 ounces or less if packed in carry-on luggage. For the best experience, be ready to say where you got your CBD product. Also, never transfer the CBD product from its original packaging into unmarked packaging.

The TSA handling baggage screening states that it will not expressly seek out marijuana products, but if they suspect that you may be traveling with marijuana, they have the right to escalate the matter to law enforcement officials. While your hemp-based CBD oil should not be a problem, know that some TSA agents may confuse hemp and marijuana-based CBD products, and you may need to undergo additional screening or questioning, even though traveling with CBD is okay.

5 | Be OK with losing your CBD

A good rule to follow when traveling is to only pack something you would be willing to lose or forfeit if necessary. This applies to traveling with CBD in the USA and abroad as well. Bring travel-sized CBD oil products to avoid having to give up an expensive full-size version of your preferred CBD oil. Many popular brands and retail stores sell travel sizes that will be easy to pack and store, and will be less expensive as well.

In Summary

Just remember to do your homework in advance to avoid hassle and make sure you are following all restrictions and policies, and you will be sure to enjoy easy, seamless travel with your favorite CBD oil products by your side.

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