Does CBD Make You Tired?

Does CBD Make You Tired?

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CBD is celebrated for its ability to help improve sleep, making it a prevalent solution for millions of people who suffer from chronic sleep problems. However, being a natural sleep aid doesn’t necessarily translate into making a person tired, often leading to confusion in regard to the effects of CBD. To better understand CBD’s relationship between aiding sleep and feeling tired, we have to take a look at how CBD interacts with the body.

Keep reading to answer one of the most common misunderstandings regarding CBD: does it make you tired?

Does CBD Make You Tired?

No, CBD does not make you tired. Unlike THC or some medications, CBD should not cause sedative effects. However, and as contrary as this sounds, fatigue is a possible side effect of CBD. If a person experiences fatigue or drowsiness as an effect of their product, they should evaluate the quality of the product and its dosage. If the dosage is too high for that individual, then feelings of fatigue are possible. To overcome this, all a person needs to do is lower their dosage to get the desired results. 

In other words, the proper product and dosage should not result in drowsy effects. CBD can be taken throughout the day to enhance a person’s wellness routine without being affected by fatigue.

CBD & The Endocannabinoid System

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CBD doesn’t make you tired, but it is a great sleep aid. Sounds confusing, right? The explanation is in the effects of CBD.

CBD doesn’t improve your sleep by making you tired, but rather by reducing some of the symptoms that reduce your quality of sleep. This is possible thanks to the reaction that occurs between CBD and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps regulate and balance various bodily functions, such as hunger, mood, pain, sleep, memory, and more. By stimulating the ECS, CBD promotes homeostasis.

So, How Does CBD Help Improve Sleep?

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CBD reduces stress.

Stress is among the common reasons why people aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep. And since one of the ways to reduce stress is through sleep, it’s a vicious cycle that’s hard to break. 

One of the reasons that CBD has gained popularity in recent years is its ability to reduce stress. A 2019 study focused on CBD’s effects on anxiety and sleep. Of the 72 adults participating in the study, 57 of them showed decreased anxiety within the first month and remained so throughout the study, while 48 of the patients had improved sleep within the first month.

CBD reduces pain.

CBD is also an effective tool in pain management, providing a natural pain reliever for a variety of conditions. This includes migraines, stomach pain, pre- and post-workout recovery, and post-surgery recovery, among others. 

CBD’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties offer a solution for many people with chronic and short-term pain, resulting in reduced discomfort and a better night’s sleep. 

A 2020 study observed the use of CBD for chronic pain, concluding that “Rising prevalence of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD presents an opportunity for the treatment of intractable chronic pain for which primary treatments are insufficient or not possible.”

There are many supporting studies regarding CBD and pain, with each study focusing on a separate condition, such as the ones stated above.

CBD helps you relax.

CBD is recognized as a great supplement for relaxation, partly due to the reasons stated above. By reducing stress and relieving pain, a person can be in a more relaxed state of mind.

What’s important to note is that CBD isn’t only for people with chronic conditions; anyone can benefit from it. Even if an individual does not suffer from anxiety, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will never experience a stressful day. After a long day of work, organic CBD oil can be consumed as a way to relax and settle down before ending the day.

CBD also gets bonus points for being versatile and easy to incorporate into a routine. For instance, some people mix it with their favorite tea as they get ready for bed, while others may massage topical CBD for relaxation into their skin after a hot shower. (Learn about how to use CBD topically for massages.)

Final Thoughts

With the proper product and dosage, CBD should not cause fatigue-inducing effects. This allows many individuals to enjoy quality CBD products at various times of the day.

That said, CBD’s ability to support the endocannabinoid system helps create a state of homeostasis. Therefore, CBD consumption can lead to reduced stress and pain and improve feelings of relaxation. These effects pave the way for a better night’s sleep.

When used properly, CBD oil can be a great addition to a wellness routine. To start your journey, check out our variety of CBD oils and CBD salves.