CBD Oil & Surgery: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil & Surgery: What You Need to Know

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The beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant have left a mark on the medical world, encouraging a recent increase in CBD-related studies. Such studies have demonstrated CBD’s potential as a natural alternative to medication, opening a new world of medicine for many curious consumers. Considering the benefits of CBD, many believe that it can also be a great tool for stressful procedures such as surgeries. While research is limited, previous studies show its potential role in both pre and post-surgery, as well as what precautions to take. 

Can You Take CBD Oil Before Surgery?

CBD and surgery: woman waiting on bed before surgery

CBD’s ability to relieve both stress and pain—two things that almost always accompany surgery—is one of its most appealing features. Though it’s widely believed that CBD is a great supplement before surgery, there are some important factors to take into consideration.

The main concern regarding CBD and surgeries is its potential interaction with medications. Since procedures typically include some form of anesthesia, one of the possible issues is that CBD may reduce the efficacy of anesthetics. This isn’t to say that the effectiveness of the medication will be completely erased, but it may have an effect on the type and amount that is administered during your procedure. CBD is also known to interact with many blood-thinning medications, so you should talk with your healthcare provider to prevent possible complications.

The real trick, though, is knowing when to stop taking CBD before surgery. In most cases, you should be able to continue using CBD up until you’re told to discontinue food, beverages, and medications. This will help you relax, get a better night’s sleep, and offer some relief from your pain in the weeks leading up to your surgery. However, communication with your healthcare provider is key during this time, as they may give you a different recommendation based on your specific treatment. 

What About Taking CBD After Surgery?

CBD after surgery: person resting on a bed after having surgery

You may have months of recovery down the road, so developing a treatment plan that also improves your overall wellness is key. Before discussing the benefits, it’s important that the information mentioned above is also applied to post-surgery recovery. In other words, talk with your healthcare provider about your CBD consumption so that it won’t affect any of your medications.

When you’ve gotten the go to use CBD oil, you can take advantage of the previously mentioned benefits: pain relief, stress relief, and a better night’s sleep. While a great night’s sleep is important for your mind, it also plays an important role in your recovery. Quality sleep can help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and help to heal tissue and wounds following surgery.

Another reason why CBD oil is highly recommended after surgery is because it contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that help accelerate the healing process. While post-surgery inflammation is to be expected, the associated swelling and pain are frequently unpleasant for the patient. Speeding up this part of the healing process allows CBD to act as a great tool when combined with other recommendations from your doctor.  

Final Thoughts

Previous research has proven the benefits of CBD on the mind and body, allowing us to better understand its potential in pre- and post-surgery recovery. However, studies on CBD’s direct impact on medical procedures are limited, so we recommend talking with your healthcare provider before incorporating it into your treatment plan.  

If your doctor suggests consuming CBD oil, make sure to purchase full-spectrum products (like the ones at Vitality) so that you can receive the full benefits from the hemp plant. At Vitality, all of our products are lab tested for quality and have a USDA Organic Certification to ensure you’re consuming quality products during your recovery. If you have any questions about our CBD oil, do not hesitate to contact us.