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When Vitality CBD first started up, we immediately began to look for organizations who were working to support sustainability, health, and other causes our team members love. To maximize the impact our customers can have on the world, we wanted to touch on as many different areas as possible. While looking for a donation partner for clean water, we came across an organization known as Water Now. Clean water is much less prevalent than it should be in many places around the world. There is far too little attention given to this huge problem, but Water Now is the company that is making a difference. Water Now has a goal of providing clean water to the people who need it most - often hardworking people in rural areas outside of the reach of modern technology. But Water Now is more than just a company dropping off water bottles in remote locations. The company actively contributes to the environmental protection community by minimizing the use of plastic, by reforestation, and by educating and cooperating with other environmentalists to save Mother Earth.

Vitality CBD and One Tree Planted

Partners Providing Safer Water

Water Now wants to provide safe water to the world and reshape our relationship to the planet through a sustainable and healthy environment. Clean water also provides a habitat for biodiversity, creates sustainable jobs, and builds sustainable partnerships.

Vitality CBD of Buffalo NY is proud to partner with Water Now to provide clean water for a year to one person for every purchase customers make of our CBD Oil products. Whether you purchase products for yourself or your pets, you will help to expand Water Now clean water initiatives.

How Does Water Now Help?

Water Now goes into parts of the world that are otherwise untouched by water purification technology. The mission of the company drives its process, so every person who comes into contact with Water Now is assured of the purest, healthiest water possible. Water Now also works with local populations to maintain a consistent water purification strategy once the short-term problems have been taken care of.

The Water Now treatment process ensures that treated water is ready for multiple uses. Water Now uses no pre or post-treatment chemicals, so there are no extra membranes or filters necessary to create the drinking water that we are helping to distribute.

Vitality CBD and One Tree Planted

Vitality CBD and One Tree Planted

Helping Agriculture

Water Now is the team that is walking beside farmers as they irrigate their newly restored crops with pure water. This is the company that is helping to protect endangered species around the world by replenishing the habitat with healthy plants and a cleaner ecosystem.

Water Now has the passion – all that they need is the funding to expand their efforts. Because we hold ourselves to high environmental standards, just like Water Now, we are proud to donate the portion of our profits that will allow the company to provide clean drinking water to one person per bottle of CBD Oil purchased.

Furthering the Mission of Vitality CBD

When you purchase our 100% natural USDA approved CBD oil products, you can also rest assured your purchases work towards making the world a better place.

We only partner and donate to organizations who share the mission of a better world. Water Now definitely shares in such a mission and our cause is strengthened through our partnership with them. Water Now has helped over 15,000 people gain access to water, completed dozens of projects, and with our partnership is going to be able to achieve so much more.

With you, Vitality CBD and Water Now will bring better health to the world with the gift of pure water.

Vitality CBD and One Tree Planted

Help us make the world a better place

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