Why We Don’t Make Health Claims

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Consumers often make buying decisions based on the health claims of companies selling supplements and other health products. However, for products not specifically regulated by the FDA, spurious health claims can be problematic in the extreme. Read more…


The Vitality CBD Difference

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At Vitality CBD, we are passionate about providing safe and effective alternatives to provide our clients stress-free purchases. We couple nature and advanced technology to create and deliver top-quality CBD products. We proudly share the Vitality CBD Difference in this article. Read more…


Vitality CBD in Syracuse New York

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Where can you find CBD in Syracuse NY? You can find it at a number of locations citywide. And of course you can buy it from us online. But more specifically, if you’re looking to shop in-person, you can find Vitality CBD products at the independent retail outlets listed here. Read more…


Vitality CBD in Buffalo New York

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You can find CBD products at a number of retail locations across all of Buffalo, NY. While we’d hope you would prefer ordering online with us, you can find our products in a number of stores across Erie Country. If you can’t wait for an online order to ship, you can find Vitality CBD products at the retail outlets we’ve listed here. Read more…


Global Wildlife Conservation & Vitality

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Partnership with Global Wildlife ConservationGlobal Wildlife Conservation, or GWC, is a company that believes that everything is connected. When you affect one aspect of wildlife, you affect the entire world. At Vitality CBD, we believe the same thing. Global Wildlife …

One Tree Planted and Vitality CBD Charitable Donations

Vitality CBD & One Tree Planted

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Partnership with One Tree PlantedThe One Tree Planted reforestation initiative has expanded across the world. They are now working in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. With the best reforestation partners in each of these areas, One Tree Planted …


Water Now & Vitality CBD

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Partnership with Water NowWhen Vitality CBD first started up, we immediately began to look for organizations who were working to support sustainability, health, and other causes our team members love. To maximize the impact our customers can have on the …

CBD Purity Testing Reports

CBD Purity Testing

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If you were looking for this page you’re either considering buying our products or you scanned a QR code on your product. To view the purity testing report associated with the CBD Oil you just purchased. You can type in the Lot Number stamped on your bottle in the search bar to the left, or you can locate its lot number in the table below. Read more…