When and How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

When & How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

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Studies show that CBD may improve a person’s quality and quantity of sleep. CBD is a great solution because it doesn’t make you sleepy but rather works to solve the root of the problem. Since sleep disorders typically arise from one or more external factors, CBD represents a non-addictive, long-term solution. Three of the ways it indirectly helps us get a better night’s sleep is by improving our sleep-wake cycle and helping relieve pain and stress.

For those of you interested in exploring CBD as a natural sleep aid, you should know when and how to take it. Here’s your guide to improving your sleep with CBD.

How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

Before jumping into the question of when to take CBD before bed, we have to consider the different ways it can be consumed. Depending on your preferred method of consumption, the amount of time before you experience noticeable side effects may vary. The 3 most popular methods are:


Taking CBD orally is quick and easy. All you have to do is tilt your head back, drop the desired amount of CBD oil into your mouth, and wait for the effects to kick in. If you don’t want to take it directly from the dropper, you can mix it with something to improve your experience. To better incorporate it into your nighttime routine, we recommend combining it with hot tea.

Under the Tongue

Sublingual administration is the act of placing CBD or other medications under the tongue so that they can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. For optimal results, place the desired dose of CBD oil under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds and then swallow the remaining product. Read our previous article to learn more about this method.


For this method, you can either use a CBD salve or mix your CBD oil with a carrier such as lotion or coconut oil. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, or need to recover from aches and pains are great candidates for this method, although it’s also great for those who just want to relax their muscles after a long day.

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When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

Understanding when to take CBD oil is an important part of a successful wellness routine. As a general recommendation, CBD should be consumed 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. However, this number may change depending on the dose, tolerance, and method of consumption. While dose and tolerance are dependent on the individual, we can give a better idea of the time frame for the three methods mentioned above. 

  • Orally
    It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes for oral consumption to have an effect.
  • Under the Tongue
    Since this method allows CBD oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, its effects typically kick in faster. They generally take effect 15 to 30 minutes after consumption.
  • Topically
    When applied to the affected area, CBD salves usually take around 10 to 20 minutes to relax the muscles.

You should also remember that the amount you take depends on your needs. If you’re depending on the pain-relieving properties of CBD after surgery, you may need to take a little more than someone who just wants to relax after a long day. What’s important is finding a routine that works for you while keeping the general guidelines in mind.

CBD Oil at Vitality

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At Vitality, we understand the importance of consuming products that you can trust. It’s our ultimate goal to provide a healthy and natural alternative to the pharmaceutical industry, and we know this isn’t possible without high-quality CBD products. The naturally occurring compounds in full-spectrum products provide our customers with the maximum therapeutic benefits of CBD.

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