CBD & Concentration - Does CBD Help with Focus?

Does CBD Help with Focus?

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If you struggle to stay focused or find it hard to finish your tasks, CBD could be the ally you’ve been looking for!

The distractions of everyday life —social media, constant phone notifications, or noisy neighbors— make you go off track when you are trying your best to finish that paper or that report that has been on your mind all morning. And there are many options you probably have already tried to stay focused, like productivity apps or even some riskier options like the Study Drugs. However, CBD is a new promising, and safer choice.

CBD is generally known for its relaxing and calming effects, so you might be asking yourself “Does CBD help with focus?” And the answer is yes! Keep reading to understand what research says about how CBD interacts with your brain, how to use CBD for focus and concentration, and the best ways to incorporate it into your routine. 

How Does CBD Interact with Your Brain?

Research into CBD’s impact on brain function has shown encouraging results. A 2021 review examined 17 studies involving a total of 115 healthy individuals, 33 at high risk for psychosis, 13 with psychotic disorders, 10 with anxiety disorders, and 17 with autism spectrum disorders, and it had the following results: 

In healthy individuals, CBD positively altered brain activity patterns, particularly in areas related to cognitive processes such as memory, motivation, auditory and visual processing, and task-specific activation.

Similarly, in those with psychiatric disorders, CBD showed moderate effects on brain activity during memory tasks, indicating an improvement in cognitive performance.

CT scan of the brain

One impressive finding was CBD’s ability to modulate blood flow in the brain, particularly in individuals with anxiety. Studies showed that CBD reduced blood flow to areas typically activated during anxiety, potentially alleviating symptoms.

Additionally, a 2015 study examined how CBD influences communication between the inferior frontal cortex (responsible for language and speech processes) and the striatum (which coordinates different cognitive responses, including motor control, decision-making, the sense of reward, and conditioning) in 15 healthy adults who occasionally use cannabis. 

The results showed that CBD boosted connectivity among these brain regions, which could help individuals concentrate on essential stimuli, helping them stay focused on the tasks that they need to concentrate on.

What Happens in Our Brain When We Are Focused?

Have you ever been something with such a deep focus that you forget the world around you? That feeling of being “in the zone” is when your brain focuses on the task in front of you and ignores distractions. But what exactly happens in your brain when you are reading your favorite book or are deeply focused on a sport? 

A 2023 study found that when the brain has different targets to pay attention to, it will most likely choose the most rewarding one. Researchers explained that there are some parts of the brain that play a key role in controlling attention according to what they identify as the most rewarding stimuli. 

And What Can Get Us Off Track?

Man staring at a laptop screen, having difficulty to concentrate.

Usually, when you are performing a task you aren’t really enjoying or that you want to finish quickly but can’t quite get done, your brain won’t identify that task as a rewarding one, so it will scan around in search of other stimuli.

So, Does CBD Help with Focus?

As we’ve seen, the brain regions in charge of decision-making and reward perception are key to determining your focus or distraction during a task. This basically means that your brain will stay focused on a task if it decides that it is rewarding enough. 

And guess what? Research shows that CBD improves the cognitive function of these exact brain regions. As the studies showed, CBD enhances the connectivity of the brain regions that determine which attention targets are prioritized and what motivates your focus. So yes, research suggests that CBD could be a great ally if you are trying to increase your concentration levels.

But wait, there’s more!

It could be that you keep looking at your phone because you are not really into the project you need to focus on, but distraction can be caused by many other things besides boredom. Sleep problems, pain, and stress could also be behind your distracted mood. 

If this is the case, you are in luck, because CBD has also shown potential to be useful for these issues.

  • CBD is linked to better sleep quality. A 2014 study found that CBD positively influenced the REM sleep cycle in people suffering from insomnia, and helped PTSD patients experience fewer nightmares, leading to more restful sleep. Learn when & how to take CBD oil for sleep.
  • CBD is known for its pain relief properties. Although research is still in its early stages, studies have shown that CBD could help alleviate migraines, tooth pain, back and knee pain, arthritis symptoms, and other forms of chronic pain. Visit our blog on how to use CBD oil for pain to find out more.
  • CBD helps you relax and reduce your stress levels. CBD is mostly known for its relaxing and anti-anxiety properties. These help to calm the thought processes that lead to anxiety and decrease physical symptoms of anxiety such as rapid heart rate. Follow this link to discover how CBD helps relieve anxiety.

But Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

If you’re seeking ways to enhance focus and concentration, you might be concerned that it could make you tired or sleepy, especially considering CBD’s reputation for relaxation. However, there’s no need to worry! Instead, its relaxing effects are more about addressing the root causes of stress and pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take CBD Before Work?

Hand holding a dropper coming out of a CBD oil bottle.

It’s likely that the time of day when you’d most like to concentrate is during work. And you’re probably going to want to avoid overloading on coffee or energy drinks, so CBD could be a gentler, more natural option for your body.

There are many benefits of taking CBD before work, however, keep in mind that as with anything, it’s best to first get to know how your body reacts to CBD before integrating it into your work routine. Start at home with low doses until you find your perfect dose if you plan to use it to enhance productivity.

Why Is CBD a Good Idea for Focus? 

  • It does not have the harmful effects of energy drinks, preventing you from getting into a spaced-out mood and having annoying symptoms such as high blood pressure.
  • It could potentially improve your cognitive processes, helping you stay focused on your work and ignore distractions in your environment.
  • It’s non-psychoactive, so it won’t make you feel “high.”
  • It fits easily into lifestyles, and once you understand how your body reacts to CBD, you could enjoy its potential positive effects on your focus.

How to Take CBD for Focus

CBD oil is the best option if you want to use it for focus because it’s absorbed quickly. You can take our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1-2 times a day by holding it under your tongue for 10 seconds before swallowing. 

Start with a low dose and increase gradually based on your weight, your metabolism, and how your body reacts. 

Remember, CBD is safe for most adults, but it’s best to talk to a healthcare provider first if you have a health issue or take medication.

Final Thoughts

CBD for focus and concentration is a promising and possibly safer alternative to improve your productivity. Its ability to positively impact brain activity patterns, modulate blood flow, and enhance brain connectivity makes it a great tool for maintaining your focus on the tasks you most need to do. Also, CBD can help you manage stress and sleep problems, and relieve pain, helping you dedicate your full mental capacity to the project you need to focus on.


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